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Slate VSX Platinum $100 off


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1 minute ago, pcampos said:

This is a no brainer. I am using VSX since its Founders Edition. This is a must for everyone, even the few ones with a perfect acoustic treated room with perfect monitor.

No. No no no no no.

I am done for this year.



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Dang. I think I'm finally going to get VSX. Been putting it off for two years plus now. Finally time it seems.

The glowing reviews keep pouring in. Even my fav psytrance producer lives on them daily the past few years now he says.

They even just added two new rooms I'd read.

Think I'll order from sweetwater for $399 unless you know a less expensive place?

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7 hours ago, jngnz said:

Not true. BF-ESS-100 takes $100 off.


I'd given up getting the upgrade.
I've been going back & forth w their support and getting nowhere. 

The Cakewalk forum and its contributors comes to the rescue once again!

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