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Hornet BF Sale is LIVE (mic drop)

Brian Lawler

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Prices will be slightly higher for US dollars.  I don't have the EU symbol on my keyboard so I use $.

I highly recommend (plugins I use in ever song):

HoRNet TheNormalizer $1.00

--- Use this one frequently for gain staging

HoRNet HA2A $2.00

--- I just didn't know how did this plugin was until I used it.  It's one of their "Platinum" plugins in my opinion!

Other plugins I own, but use rarely:

HoRNet CLMS $1.00

--- it's an odd ball plugin I rarely use because it doesn't seem to always have a fast enough response depending on other plugins that sit between it

HoRNet AutoGain Pro MK2 $2.70

--- when nothing else works, I go to this one

HoRNet Total EQ $2.80

--- I tend to use this one to "solo" frequencies to side chain into other plugins to create neat effects.

HoRNet MultiFreqs $1.50

--- used frequently in the past, but since my plugin stack has evolved, I've found it less useful

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