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Studio One Pro upgrade 30%


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3 hours ago, Bruno de Souza Lino said:

They've also removed the upgrade option from any version of Artist to the latest version of Artist for some reason. At least for me, there's not much difference in price from upgrading from Artist/Producer to Professional from buying a Professional license.

Looks like the 30% sale is only on Pro.  Artist is still full price.  And you’re right.  They’ve removed the Artist to Artist upgrade option.  Boo.

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14 hours ago, jesse g said:

How long does this type of sale last?

Most sales are probably going to get re-run through the holidays (if they do not extend that far already). The PreSonus sale is 11/20-12/31 from their web page and all of the vendors are just mimicking them. Amazon has been running some of the hardware cheaper than retail for a while now.

I got a chuckle last week from an email warning their (I forgot the company already) "Pre-BF" sale would end in 4 days! I just laughed and thought, "And?? It is going to be back on sale cheaper in 7 if no one buys from you now." Annual sales are locked by calendar year, so 12/31 is commonly the date where sales become unpredictable.

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