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Recording with NUX Mighty Space

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Hi all,

Recently bought a NUX Mighty Space amp and was interested to see how it works as a recording device.

I've downloaded the editing software and drivers (for Windows) but for some reason I can't get a signal to Cakewalk.

I've checked the settings on the NUX editing software and they appear to match up with my settings in the DAW.






The only thing I can think of is the drivers I have downloaded for the NUX are ASIO but there is no option for ASIO in the drop down?




If anyone else attempted to use the NUX for recording and experienced similar issues, I'd love to hear from you. 


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It looks like that NUX is also an audio device and has an ASIO driver available. The MIDI will be just for controlling the amp: channel switching, effects on and off, etc

Be aware that ASIO only allows you to use one driver at a time.

In my opinion, these sort of devices don't quite live up to their promise as far as the audio interface portion, especially when it comes to playback and mixing. I think it is better to use the line out into a dedicated audio interface and forget about trying to use the amp as such. That's how I used to use my Line 6 floor pod before it bit the dust.

It might work out for you though, depending on what your goal is. All of your audio will have to be going through the NUX however.

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Thanks everyone.

Didn't really have a 'goal' as such, was merely playing around to see what it could (or couldn't) do.

I already have a recording setup that serves me well, I was interested to see if this might add anything useful to it.

One thing I did discover is that the NUX is a very decent platform for pedals so I wondering if this might be an option for recording purposes.

Which brings me to my next question....

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And your next question is? I looked at the manual and it says -

USB-C Port ..., USB audio stream, ...

and under operation it does discuss recording. The question is: are NUX ASIO drivers any good? Let us know if you try it.


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It’s simple. Guitar, Pedal Board, Amp. From there you have possibly 3 choices. 

Best- mike the amp, speakers are part of your sound. Down side is best if you live alone in you home. But this is really one of the best ways to record guitar. 

A line out can be good but only if it is after the pre amp. Some aren’t. And they can be noisy if not balanced. Might as well plug your pedal board into the audio interface. The amp might not be contributing much at all. Pointless. 

Next is the Amps USB audio interfaces connection if it available. Yes but only if there’s a proper ASIO audio driver from a manufacturer who knows how to write one. If done right this eliminates noise. If done wrong ( my Blackstar amp) it can be very noisy so pointless. And it requires you to turn off your regular interface so now you can’t hear anything. And some are only 16 bit.  Usually  Pointless. 

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For recording guitar, the best option is miking the amp to capture the authentic sound, while using a line out or the amp's USB audio interface can be viable but might introduce noise issues and potentially render the amp's contribution pointless in certain situations.


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My Zoom has a HiZ toggle on 2 channels. If your interface has that or sometimes they call it instrument, then the all important impedance is correct and all will be good. 
As @southcoaststeve just said I sometimes record both the amp mike and a DI into 2 separate tracks. Then hard pan them. The DI track I’ll use TH3 on. Lots of options and creative stuff for guitars. 
My Boss tuner has 2 outputs so I can split the signal there. 
But a good pedal board can be used directly with excellent results.  
As I said I have a Blackstar modeling amp with usb but that’s my worst option. I prefer my good old analog pedals to all that digital processing. 

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