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Blinding Lights by El Diablo Songwriter (New Genre uses both straight time and double time)

El Diablo

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I've created a unique song here.  As of right now, I don't think anyone has used this technique before.

I've created a new genre, what do you think?

Just listen to it as watching this may get you sick :/ ...lol... it's eye hurting for sure!

I first produced the song using a straight time slow tempo (66.6 BPM), then I exported all the tracks that are ready to be mastered, I import them into Melodyne Studio and change the tempo (double time) (120+ BPM) during the resting parts of the song, then I import all the tracks back into my DAW to master the song.

I've given you a baseline to reproduce this new genre.  I'm not sure what I want to call this genre, but let it be known "El Diablo Songwriter created this genre" :)

------ Special Thanks to Unfinished Songs YouTube channel for letting me use #52 for this song! -----


Took only 2 days to produce as is most of my songs are done within 2-4 days (average about 8 hours per day).  So, this took 16 hours to create the song lyrics, sing it, mix it, Master it.  I've only got like 3-4 days off per week for my job.  Being a hobby, not many listeners, I just strive to create new things, unusual songs, etc.

What helps me a lot is my collaboration with Unfinished Songs.

You can find the lyrics in the description on the YouTube channel for this video.

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  • El Diablo changed the title to Blinding Lights by El Diablo Songwriter (New Genre uses both straight time and double time)
23 hours ago, KSband said:

It's a weird timing for sure, it kind of works, certainly different.

Thanks, I plan to do this to a few more songs.

I also plan to do some collaborations on this forum: https://forums.songstuff.com/

I'm on those forums as "El Diablo Songwriter".  Keep watch of the collaboration area of those forums.  I plan to upload some unfinished songs of my own, see if I can get a songwriter, singer, other instrument player, etc to add their own stems to just create one for the fun of it.

I didn't see any areas where people can collaborate on the Cakewalk Forums.  I did however link back to the Cakewalk Forums in their forums area.

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