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[Freebie] Augmented Strings Intro by Arturia


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1 hour ago, satya said:

Already have it a really nice freebie

Same. I have this too.  I would recommend that this is a freebie well worth picking up. If it was permanently free, I would put it on my recommended freebie list (I once did). 

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Last time Arturia gave this out free they followed up with a $29 upgrade to full version not long after, so it's worth grabbing even if the lite version doesn't really do enough for you.  The full version is very impressive for that kind of outlay. I've been hoping since then that they would do the same with voices.

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51 minutes ago, Fleer said:

I like this a lot. Got me to get the entire Augmented series from Arturia. The full versions allow for some sweet sound tweaking. Highly recommended. 

I have yet to hear any plugin from Arturia I don't like a lot. Even though  I only own several plugins from them, everything I have from them is superb. They're definitely on my list of devs that I think are consistently great at what they do. 

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