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Silver Bird


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12 hours ago, jack c. said:

make the kick less busy.leave out the ows.jack c

I wish I had your read your comment before I published my song on YouTube. I may go back and revisit this song and try your edits.

Thanks very much for your input, it is very helpful Jack! 👍😊

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You definitely have a great voice. Song sounds just fine to me I wouldn’t think it needs changing unless this is an update. 

Curious as how it works when we publish songs that have the same title as a popular hit.  
Odd thing is I used to sing a Song Called Silver Bird  and when I saw your post I immediately thought you might have covered it. Your voice would have been perfect. but Google only come up with a completely different song of that title 

I thought the version I sang was Willie Nelson or Waylon Jennings but that comes up blank too? 

The lyrics were 

Silver Bird shining in the sunlight Roaring engine heading somewhere out of site Taking you away and leaving me lonely. 

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