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DDMF Sale from Nov 17 to Dec. 7 40% off


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Only about 2 more weeks to go: this year's combined Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale period will run from November 17th all the way until December 7th! There will be 40 percent off everything, be it individual plugins, bundles, for desktop or for iOS... everything must go. The minions are already working tirelessly day and night to fill up the shelves with brand new copies of all DDMF products so that the sale can start with full force and right on time. 


IMHO Plugin doctor and Metaplugin are good utilities worth a look.

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IIEQPRO is a fine Eq, it's the only thing of theirs I have. I've always been curious about MetaPlugin and Super Plugin, but . . . 

The DeathEye Comps get good things said about them.

It's probably all good stuff, more than good for that matter, but for me there is just something I don't like, that puts me off going any further than IIEQPRO.

Don't know what it is, can't explain it, but . . .

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