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Rock 'n' Roll Ladies


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Hot dog and yeehaw!!!  This is it  --- an old timey rock 'n roller.    I love this man!  I have a penchant for songs that tell a story and this tells a heck of a story.  Ya, I know it, this has to be an autobiographical story.  It all was great but the lyrics, "harp" and your outstanding vocals absoflippinlutely made this song.   I could go on and on but I gotta go back and listen a few more times.  Cooool stuff!!!

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Freddy you’re too kind, thank you. 

Hidden, thanks for listening, Ozone 8 gets all the credit.

I don’t know what’s up with my website, I’ll rattle some cages in the morning.
Well that was odd, somehow the .com in the link went away.
I guess it was Rockus and Rollus (the gods of rock music) having a little fun at my expense again.

All is now well.


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Now THAT was fun!!!

Honkey Tonk for sure!  Had me bobbin my head and pattin my feet to that one.

LOVE the sound (had an old vintage vibe to it) and absolutely LOVED THE HARMONICA!... 

Glad you resurrected it and shared.  Fun stuff...


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There was a time when rock ruled the world, I too remember it well.
I was nervous when I realized I was going to have to move the tune that far, when I ran the tune down to Jeff
he said "you gotta let me have this", so the harp had to carry the tune; but it worked!
Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it.
you are much too kind.

Thanks to all for taking the time to listen and comment.
I've passed your praise on to my good friend Jeff "all in" Lee, you really brightened his day.
I might even be able to get him down to the studio to "blow" a little harp.


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Hey, Tom,

This is a really cool Blues Rocker with the perfect classic rock 'n roll mix!😀

Great lyrics, excellent instrumental performances, dynamite vocals and a clean, wide, punchy rock mix.

The honky-tonk piano and that super tasty blues harp really put the icing on cake!

This sort of gave me a cool Georgia Satellites vibe, and it sure sounds like you had fun working on this one.😀

Fantastic work, Tom, really good stuff!👍

Have a good one,

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Hey Bob, thanks for stopping by!
"This sort of gave me a cool Georgia Satellites vibe"
As in I shamelessly appropriated the riff from Keep Your Hand To Yourself?
Actually I'm a little surprised no one else has mentioned it...
But in my defense Picasso famously said "Good artists borrow, great artists steal"
Its doubtful I make the list as a "good" artist, so I'll stick with shamelessly appropriated.
But lets remember, the 7 note riff in Layla, is the melody line from As The Years Go Passing By;
a tune that Layla's writer has undoubtedly played many times. And, if I'm not mistaken, has
admitted that the chord progression in Tales Of Brave Ulysses is Summer In The City.

Now this does not dismiss plagiarism, but I do believe that the riff in question is/was used
somewhere in Blues or Rock. Obviously if I were releasing this as a single I would change the
riff, and actually have played around with a couple of different substitutes. But, it just "fits" the
tune and the era that the story line depicts. So I'll stick with shamelessly appropriated.

Again, many thanks for your critique, and I will pass along "that super tasty blues harp really put the icing on cake"
to Jeff "All In" Lee; he will certainly appreciate that, and needs a little affirmation once in awhile to keep himself on track.


ps; is that a couple of PRS's on your album covers?

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