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Update: Two Astro Music Videos Now in High Resolution

Jerry Gerber

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I've posted these a few months ago but now I've used .wav audio and .tiff images rather than .mp3 and .jpg. Th images look a bit better and the audio is a lot better. 




When I'm outside at night at 2am imaging deep space objects I realize how small and insignificant we humans are and if our species doesn't learn to live in peace with one another and take proper care of our planet, the universe is just going to say "F***k you, get lost", and we'll become extinct as so  many millions of other species have..  We need nature, nature doesn't need us. 

The music for Creation is the slow movement from my oboe concerto, from the album From Cosmic Dust (2022) https://www.jerrygerber.com/fromcosmicdust.htm

The music for Deep Space  is a track called The Galaxies from my album Number Eleven: The Path (2011) https://www.jerrygerber.com/thepath.htm

The astrophotographs were taken in my backyard in San Francisco, and in various dark sky locations around northern California. 

If I listed all the equipment I used to do this it would be ridiculously long, so I'll just say it's a lot of stuff!  But if you're curious, ask me and I will tell you.


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