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BR: Console View Hardware Strips Don't Retain Narrow Status Upon Project Reopening


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Forever issue with Sonar/CbB Console View is saving a project with Hardware output strips narrowed only to find them wide when reopened.

Sonar/CbB is supposed to remember the last saved skylight layout regardless of locked or unlocked screensets.  I don't use Workspaces.

AFAICT tracks and busses hold true.

Was this fixed in 2023.09?

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Workspaces will save the status of the HW bus layout including narrow/wide, mute, link, and levels. I do it all the time, as I switch between nearfields, headphones, far fields, and surround systems just by changing the Master bus output to HW, and toggling the HW mutes. I have my Workspaces set to put the PRV on one monitor, Console on another, Video/Big Time on a third, in addition to TrackView/Main on a fourth.

It's been this way for ages.

Try it.

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Workspaces seem to be even more broken for me.

I made one with all CV Audio/Synth tracks & Busses wide and all MIDI & HW strips narrow, and Fit Project to Window in TV on every project.  

With Apply Workspace on Project Load checked & saved, closing the project & opening another one rendered ALL the CV strips narrow, and ALL the TV tracks  squished to half screen.  Resaved the WS and tested on several projects with same results.

They're supposed to be "global": "Window Layout. Load the saved window layout, including size and position. This option functions as a global screenset".

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