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Shaker would be great. The BGV ooooh's cut off, leaving a beat at the end of the measure uncovered, to me it seems a bit of a dropoff. Your lead vocal (love your voice, and the airy wash of reverb that sits it perfectly) is mixed a bit hot for my taste in this mix.

How about this - reminded me of Marvin Gaye. Can't get much more of a compliment than that.




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Many heartfelt thanks for the compliments on my song Cakewalk friends! I am always mixing my vocals too hot, it seems to be a chronic occurrence.  

And yes, a shaker or two would work well in this tune. The Ooos do drop off perhaps too abruptly. They could have hung on a bit or beat more. There is a tiny chord change in the last beat and I am not sure the chord of my Ooos worked with that chord change.  

It seems the longer I make music the more overwhelming  of a task it becomes.

The editing process is never ever ever ever done. 😁 It is like raising children, they get to a certain adult age and fly out of the nest and all you can do at that point is pray things go well for them.  

All the best to you fine people! 

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