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"Open Wheel Champion" - final song release

bats brew

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i updated this mix especially for Max Verstappen, the Formula One open wheel champion for 2023!

it's an anthem, big mix, and i used my new Tele for the first time, to record the guitar parts for this.

it's part of a 3-song trilogy, inspired by F1.



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how's the kick translate?

actively working on the kick, would love some feedback on that,
it's a superior drummer kit i custom built in SD using 'rooms of hansa', with a Masshoff twin shell kick.

i'm not sure if the kick has too much level, or too many lows.
two mics on the kick, the 'sub' is tweaked right at 100 hz, 
the other mic a bit below 100hz.

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23 hours ago, Tim Smith said:

Great use of the wah! Kick sounds fine here.

hey thanks tim!

kicks are usually pretty subjective, but i know there will be systems or cans or earbuds where it might come across too much,

so i'm trying to dial that in as best as i can.


that kit, is one of 3, that i'm shooting to make my 'sig' sound kits.



the wah, ha, my first effect pedal.

i kinda grew up on the wah, i use it without even thinking about it.

i guess i'm going for a more 'vocal' sound, listened to a lot of jeff beck and hendrix.


thanks for listening!

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On 10/11/2023 at 4:01 PM, markno999 said:


Sounds good here overall.  Kick may be a hair on the heavy side.   I think the Kick mix, i.e.,  beater vs sub is right so maybe pull it down a db and see how it sits.  

Cool song, love it.



Thanks Mark


I've got the kick dialed in now, gonnA upload it shortly...

Maybe check it again tonight?

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On 10/15/2023 at 4:50 PM, Terry Carroll said:

Outstanding guitar work. I would have like some kind of voice in this. There's a good tune in this that I like.. 

thanks so much terry!

i tried to make the guitar the voice.

i have so many songs (so many...) with lyric and singing, that i need some balance in my repertoire, 

this seems like the best way to find it!!


but you are right...

it's such a simple song, simple arrangement, it'd be easy to write a lyric to it..

but it really doesn't need it.

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19 hours ago, markno999 said:


Yes, kick sounds about right now.    Really great song and trilogy.


thanks again mark!

the trilogy idea just kinda came about on its own,

as i got more entrenched in watching formula one, it just seemed like an obvious thing to run with.

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