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Free Loopmix (AudioModern) Pack "Shift"

Brian Lawler

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Sorry, I got distracted, but Blend I & II, KRFT Jams, and Shift all work with Loopmix LITE.  I also bought a paid expansion I really like, Vocal Pop, to get this from Plugin Boutique.

They really got me with Loopmix Lite.  I have all the other Audiomodern stuff, but because I don't use it enough, I've resisted.  But if the price is right over BF, I will get it.

The big difference with the full version is that you can import your own samples--which of course is the whole ball game for something like this.  Also, there are 12 expansions that come with the factory library--you only get selections from them in the lite version.  You can't download these.

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