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Presonus Studio One 6.5 is here... not a deal


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Version 6.5 Release Notes (September 26, 2023)

New features and improvements:
● Recording and Mixing
o Spatial audio recording, editing and mixing with up to 9.1.6 channels
o Integrated Dolby Atmos Renderer
o Parallel headphone output for Binaural monitoring
o NEW Surround Panner and Spatial Object Panner
o Support for 3rd-party Panner Plug-ins
o Surround Panner in Sends
o Extended export/mixdown for multichannel audio
o Dolby Atmos (ADM) export with multiple simultaneous downmix formats
o Extended Audio I/O Setup
o Dolby Atmos Renderer panel in Mixer
● Plug-ins and Instruments
o Updated plug-in set with multichannel support
o Speaker mapping for native and 3rd-party plug-ins
o Flanger/Phaser with additional surround modes
o Surround Chorus
o Updated Mix Tool with multichannel level controls, mute and solo options
o NEW Surround Delay
o NEW OpenAir2 convolution reverb with location images
o New impulse response library with true 7.1.4 HDIRs
o IR Maker supports up to 9.1.6 for capturing custom impulse responses
o Improved Bitcrusher
● Arrangement and Editing
o Loop length tooltip shows loop length in ruler timebase
o Drag & drop copying of plug-ins in Inspector
o New commands to apply automation to song start/end
o Tab through automation lanes when renaming
o Legato command extends note events to Part end
● Score Editor
o Display chords from Chord Track
o Rhythm Slashes
o Custom string tunings
o Display and edit guitar bends
o Tablature Rhythmic Display
o Reset option for drum maps
o Reworked text editor for lyrics
● Mastering
o ARA plug-in support on Project Page
o Merge option for multichannel audio files
● Start Page
o New “Mix in Surround” Smart Template
o Interactive Dolby Atmos tutorial
o Demo song “Rhythm of the Night” with binaural mix
● General
o Studio One Remote 1.8 Update
o DAWproject format support (import and export)
o Public beta version for Ubuntu Linux
o Support for NI Kontrol S-Series MK3
o Ableton Live and FL Studio keyboard shortcuts

New commands:
● Console – Next Panner Stereo Mode
● Console – Toggle Panner Object Mode
● Console – Collapse all Micro Views
● Console – Expand all Micro Views
● Console – Show Object Channels
● Console – Hide Object Channels
● Score – Fill with Rhythm Slashes
● Score – Align Chord Symbols
● Score – Align Fingerings
● Score – Clear Recorded Velocities
● Score – Flip Attachments
● Score – Remove Accidentals
● Score – Remove Articulations
● Score – Remove Dynamics
● Score – Remove Lyrics
● Score – Remove Measure Rests
● Score – Remove Pedal Markings
● Score – Remove Rehearsal Marks
● Score – Remove Slurs
● Score – Remove Tempo Marks
● Score – Remove Text Boxes
● Score – Remove Tuplets
● Score – Remove rit. and accel.
● Score – Reset Font Style
● Score – Reset TAB numbers
● Score – Select Chord Symbols
● Score – Select Highest Notes
● Score – Select Lowest Notes
● Score – Select Lyrics
● Score – Select Voice 1
● Score – Select Voice 2
● Score – Select Voice 3
● Score – Select Voice 4
● Score – Swap Voices
● Score – Toggle Rhythm Slash
● Song – Export Spatial Audio
● Song – Spatial Audio Setup
● Automation – Apply currently selected automation to Song Start
● Automation – Apply currently selected automation to Song End
● Track – Add Audio Track (surround)
● View – Next Macro Page
● View – Previous Macro Page
● View – Select Macro Page
● View – Open Video Track

The following issues have been fixed:
● "Save to New Folder" doesn't always create an enclosing folder
● “Manage Workspace” link is empty when no workspace is selected
● [Chord Track] Multiple parts dropped on the Chord Track simultaneously are potentially identified incorrectly
● [macOS] Potential freeze on quit after certain video edits
● [Start Page] Long news headlines are truncated
● [Show Page] Crash with empty setlist when clicking and dragging the setlist track
● [Windows] Installation: Item is not moved to the "Installed Content" list
● [Windows] Long processing time after stopping playback and writing automation
● Auto Zoom prevents focussing of Events in Editors
● Automation is not being applied correctly when a part has been enlarged from its start position
● Certain backups available on the server not showing up in Studio One
● Chord display shows the wrong result for enharmonics
● Crash on closing iLok license requester for AU plug-ins
● Icon needs to be hidden when visibility linking option is disabled
● MIDI monitor shows non-existing MTC when "Send to" port is switched to "None"
● Notes get stuck when switching Chorder presets
● Notes recorded during precount in the Scratch Pad show bad start and length values
● Potential crash on “Export Mixdown” with long song
● Potential freeze on quantize in songs with bent audio on layers
● Potential transmit error when merging song from Notion Mobile
● [macOS] PreSonus Revelator device icon missing in multi mode
● Solo doesn't override mute automation
● Some chord alterations are not handled correctly
● Track icons lost during track transform
● VCA group not referencing VCA position on Mix Scene recall
● When inserting multi-out VST2 FX, audio signal drops by ~12dB
● When navigating folder tracks using up/down arrow keys, focus does not follow for the Expand Folder Track key command
● Wrong channel order when an automation track is added inside a folder

Known issues:
● “Follow Chords” won’t work with audio events consisting of more than 2 channels
● Playing songs with spatial audio and high track count causes issues when using a StudioLive Series III mixer as audio interface in DAW mode. Disable DAW mode before loading the song.
● [macOS] Potential crash on quit when a touch monitor has been used

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7 hours ago, John Maar said:

o Public beta version for Ubuntu Linux

Whoa, that's trippy. I still don't quite understand the motivation for this. The Linux DAW market is miniscule.

Do they do it just to shut the Linux moonies up?

But they are really working hard to pry that $50 out of my pocket for the Artist upgrade....

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15 hours ago, John Maar said:

o NEW Surround Panner and Spatial Object Panner

This is interesting, since I didn't catch it sooner, but Studio One used to play back no audio if a surround device was connected to it. If I happened to be working with Windows Audio, I would have to back out and set the system up as stereo then come back in. The system has been set up with surround and I never noticed (maybe a fix with SO6, but not sure here?), BUT I was still using it in stereo.

I went in specifically for this piece, and you first need to have a surround system connected, then go into Studio One->Options->Audio-> Song Setup (at the bottom of that page). In the "Spatial Audio" tab, you can choose a Mode of "Surround" or "Dolby Atmos." My system doesn't support Dolby Atmos, so I used Surround, and then simply choose your system (5.1 for me).

From there, automation lanes need "direction" added if you want to control pan, and if you want something to pass BEHIND you, it requires another two nodes (vertically added) to go from right to left right behind you. This is because the top/bottom of that automation lane are both directly behind you (i.e., you need to go right->behind (at the top of the lane), vertically jump to the bottom of the lane, then from behind you (bottom of the lane)->left).

I actually have a piece that is more like a back-and-forth interaction, so having the other person pacing around (even going behind me) during that is rather nice.


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5 hours ago, mettelus said:

Quite a massive investment into the surround sound world there. Makes me wonder if movie studios are starting to switch now.

Apple now requires it... Like Tesla, they're pushing things forward... Have waited for this for decades and have visualized immersion sound for way longer. Moving multi-layered sound fields... What an emotional ride! So excited

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Miss spelled
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47 minutes ago, Vastman Dana said:

This will BLOW your MINDS!


Hey Dana! Wow, long time, no see here. I hope you are doing well!

I need to take a look at that video still, but I have not delved into using surround for probably 10 years now. Back then, surround files were truly MASSIVE (over 1MB per second), so I am curious how size and format capabilities are measuring up these days.

I have been eager to see this hit more main stream as well, since so many people have surround systems that are doing little more than manipulating a stereo image on the back speakers to "fake" surround rather than actually using it. Gaming engines have taken advantage of this for years (on the playback side), by simply using mono sources and applying distance (dB level) and direction (panning) to get that immersive 3D effect. Pretty simplistic from that perspective.

I am still not sure on the best playback mediums for using surround work, but I exported what I just did messing around and VLC Media Player played it back flawlessly. I went with a wav format (still rather huge), so need to explore that further. Then there is the added fun of "collapse to stereo" that I never really thought of before.

For things you have done, the surround will definitely add ambience to things for you.

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15 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:

Whoa, that's trippy. I still don't quite understand the motivation for this. The Linux DAW market is miniscule.

Do they do it just to shut the Linux moonies up?

But they are really working hard to pry that $50 out of my pocket for the Artist upgrade....

The DAW market is small but that is in part to there being limited quality options, especially with third party plugins. That may change soon.

A bigger reason for the present is that Linix has a bigger footprint in the film industry.  Being another option for film makers is not a bad strategy 

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7 minutes ago, dubdisciple said:

I saw ARA and was disappointed that it wasn't an update to make ot more capable with ARA 2. I find it weird that pro tools was the last to implement melodyne workflow but somehow has more features available

That's so weird as Presonus developed ARA together with Celemony. Guess one of the 'advantages' of being part of Fender

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I migrated to S1 after we first got the news about CW, but I still come to this forum everyday because I think it's a great place full of really good people.  Anyway, I looked at this list of updates and it strikes me how few of the features I actually use in a DAW!  I bet I probably less than 10% of what's available.   This release makes me realize I need to hit the youtube tuts again.

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