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(not a deal) Had to switch to Brave Browser to create a post

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Just now, ralfrobert said:

Thanks. So no reports of any security flaws. 

It's just really brand new, even though they have millions of users, I don't know the developer well enough to trust them, unlike Firefox, Netscape, Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer are well known and trusted web browsers from decades ago.  Brave hasn't been in the game long enough.  That's all.

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41 minutes ago, El Diablo New Account said:

There must be some reason Cakewalk has targeted chrome users from not being allowed to post anything, not even images!

This isn't browser based, it is in the forum software. I actually got a new phone last month, and the forum software caused the phone to reset late last week (through a VPN using DuckDuckGo). After reporting that, the phone's App Loader snagged another instance next go-round, so I sent that off to Google asking them to kindly notify me of which app this site is trying to install/use that got intercepted.

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