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Simply removing measures


Big piece, full orchestra and rock band and multiple vocalists, about 60 tracks. I've decided I need to remove bars 88 and 89. From a musical standpoint it's extremely simple. Cut those two bars. Go straight from bar 87 to bar 90. But trying to accomplish that in CbB is a MAJOR PITA.

Tried selecting all tracks, then highlighting just those two bars, with snap set to whole measure. I chose Edit > Delete Special, check every box in the dialog, and only SOME of the measures are deleted and the remainder slid over. Some just sit there stupidly and don't move.

Every time I run into this hassle I'm astounded at how unmusical this action is. Is there some magic way I don't know about to simply cut a few bars from the whole piece ? This should be a very straightforward act. How do other people do this?

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