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19 minutes ago, Lord Tim said:

It *is* but it's problematic. Those plugins need to be hacked at the DLL level directly to change the bitmaps, and only some can work without breaking anything. I've done a few tests and gotten some pretty good results, but the big problem is that with any update that CbB gets, those files tend to be overwritten, so you'll need to keep copying your modified versions back over the top of the updated ones.

Here's some VERY quick edits I did, with the original Sonitus EQ there as a comparison. Some things, like buttons and sliders, can't be changed so it's very limiting. I do think the dark ones look better, but ultimately I think the solution is the Bakers update the UI internally. These plugins are real workhorses and I use them everywhere, so it'd be nice to see a facelift one day!


Yes it would be very good news if CbB update these to darker : )

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Same with other Cakewalk FXs like MIDI FX suite. They're a bit easier to dress up than Sonitus group but all need reedited after each CbB update. Which makes it a hassle to keep up with. Dimension, Rapture, and the SI suite were made to modify & all files are in a Resources folder. CWRES files even allow you to rearrange GUI layout.

The only way to share these types is to upload the actual plugin which may or may not infringe on the EULA.

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On 2/27/2020 at 4:36 PM, sjoens said:

No. Simply replace the current "Resources" folder with the new one. Instructions are in the si-bassGR.txt file.

Default folder location: C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Studio Instruments\SI-Bass Guitar\Resources

Rename or move the original folder for safe keeping!

And   doing something wrong with this  _  Not  working +  the Bass one   (  Drum Kit Does Work )   - and have  Windows 10 Pro  - Thanx

Screenshot (89).png

Screenshot (88).png

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