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Is it possible to get a pre-written midi file to play through a VST plugin?


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I'm sorry if I missed this in another post, but I can't for the life of me figure this out or find the answer I need. I've written some stuff(mainly bass parts) using Guitar Pro and converted it to a midi file. I'd like to utilize some of the VST plugins(like modo bass 2) to record the part, but I can't seem to get the midi part to get played through the plugins. 

I've tried to import the midi file to a pre-existing project and trying to add the plugin in the FX section of the track, but no volume. 

The closest I've gotten was when I read to "open" the midi file by itself. I could actually hear the midi part, but was unsuccessful in adding the plugin. When I used the "open" method, it would open with 2 tracks. My midi file and a TTS-1 track. Without doing anything and pushing play, the midi file was played. When I tried to add the Modo Bass 2 plugin to the TTS-1 track it wouldn't play anything. It doesn't allow me to add the plugin to the actual midi file track. 

I feel like I'm missing something completely easy being that I can't find anything on this. Any and all help would be appreciated. 

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When opening MIDI files, normally a single instance of TTS-1 is created along with a standard MIDI track for each of the MIDI tracks within the MIDI file.  If this is a type 0 file, a track will be created for each MIDI channel.

Note that these are normal MIDI tracks - not instrument tracks.

Opening a MIDI file (vs importing one), will also import any tempo changes, markers etc.

The first step is to insert your MODO bass as an instrument track, then go to the bass MIDI track and set its output to point to your MODO bass.  The easiest place to set the output is via the track inspector.

At this point, I'd normally clean things up by selecting all the MIDI clips in the original bass track, SHIFT + drag the MIDI clips from the original bass track onto the MODO bass track, and delete the original bass track.

You can repeat this process for all your other tracks.

Importing MIDI files into an existing project will not bring in any tempo/markers etc (the reasoning being, that you've got an existing project and you want to keep your project's tempo/markers as is).  Also, type 0 files will not be split up into separate tracks for each channel, and will be inserted into the target MIDI track as is.

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11 hours ago, BigLew said:

I've written some stuff(mainly bass parts) using Guitar Pro and converted it to a midi file.

Some programs add a lot of setup information to their MIDI files. While the data is correct as far as the MIDI specification goes, this setup information can play havok with plug-ins. Most plug-ins that use MIDI data only support a subset of the MIDI spec and may misbehave when provided unexpected data.

If Guitar Pro is adding a bunch of MIDI setup data to the file, it will probably be at the beginning of the file. This will show up at the top of the Cakewalk Event List View before the notes data. It may be removed using the Event List but may also prevented in Guitar Pro setup.

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