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In PRV Labeling the piano keys with AD2

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Using the Piano Roll view (PMV). There is a bunch of piano keys down the left side “the midi notes”. I’d like to rename these respectively with Addictive Drums 2, or name them at all? Their blank and have always been to my knowledge.. Also, essentially if I change “kit pieces” within AD2 they would also follow suit on correct names on the keys? 


Thanks ahead of time 

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I appreciate that. I’ve have tried it several times to no avail in the past. I suppose I can dig in one last time  Thanks for the link! 

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The KB article linked above is the best way to handle drum synths that do not automatically populate note names (AFAIK, only FXpansion drum plug-ins and Cakewalk Session Drummer implement VST note names properly) but it is possible to change the keyboard to display note names. Right-click on the keyboard to display the Note Names dialog, then click "Use these Note Names Instead" to activate the drop down. There is no predefined AD2 entry so you will either need to create one or select General MIDI Drums and change AD2 to use the CM drum map.

To create an AD2 entry for this drop down requires updating master.ins by -

adding data to the ".Note Names" - data in this section look like

[AD2 Standard]
3=Ride 2 CCPos Shaft<->Tip
4=Ride 1 CCPos Shaft<->Tip
5=Snare CCPos Closed [Br]
6=Snare CCPos Op<->Sha
7=CC Hihat Shaft
8=CC Hihat Tip
9=CC Hihat Bell


101=Flexi 3 Hit A
102=Flexi 3 Hit B
103=Flexi 3 Hit C
104=Flexi 3 Hit D

and adding data to the ".Instrument Definitions" - which would look like this

Control=AD2 Standard
Key[*,*]=AD2 Standard


Of course all the other notes between 9 and 101 need to be defined in ".Note Names"

The downside of using the Note pane and note names is it must be set every time when entering the PRV. When a drum map is used, every time the drum track is opened in the PRV, it knows to use the drum map.

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