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Keystroke question?

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I have set up two key bindings to advance the cursor to the next measure and the previous measure (works beautifully!). However, I would like to be able to set it up for even smaller increments (ie 1/4 note). I've looked through the available commands and haven't found that option. Is there a way of doing that? 

For those wondering 'why?' - when checking the timing of drum beats, shakers and fast strum guitars, I like to visually work through the tracks and find troublesome sections. To do that currently I set it to snap to 1/4 note and then manually click through the hundreds of steps. It would speed up my process to have keystrokes that could move the cursor across the screen quickly. Any thoughts?

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CAL is one answer, Here are two scripts, one to advance Now by one beat, one to go back one beat from Now. Create files for each script in the CAL folder and bind them as needed.

Advance now by one beat


;; increment now by beat
;; Name: Now+1Beat.CAL
(= Now (makeTime (meas Now) (+ (beat Now) 1) (tick Now)))

Go back one beat from now


;; decrement now by beat
;; Name: Now-1Beat.CAL
    (int m (meas Now))
    (int b (beat Now))
    (int t (tick Now))
    (if (< Now (makeTime 1 2 0))
    (= Now 0)
      (if (> b 1)
      (= Now (makeTime m (- b 1) t))
    (= Now (makeTime (- m 1) (beat (- (makeTime m b 0) 1)) t)))))




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