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Howto replace 32-bit plugins with 64 bit (X2)?



My DAW contains some X2 plugins that I would like to replace from 32 bit to 64 bit (R-mix and any others that may be recoverable from X2).  Is there a recommended upgrade approach that would minimize any potential risks to the balance of my system?  The 32 bit version of R-mix currently looks like it's working visually, but the audio features just don't seem to respond.

I’m particularly interested in any recommendations regarding installation instructions, any required registry steps(?), suggested backups, tests for unintended consequences, and of course any gotcha’s I might encounter.  I tip my hat to those of you who reload your systems with impunity, but I'm more of an "if it ain't broke" kind of guy

My system already performs weekly archival, and I did find the X2 installation CDs.  Odds are, I also have the balance of installation files locally, except when they were auto installed from the command center.

I’m very happy with the system how it is currently running.  If I can cleanup the X2 components of my installation (32 to 64 bit) without impacting the current X3, Platinum , and CbB installs (all 64 bit) that’s really what I’m aiming for.


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I guess the 64bit version of X2 did not get installed.

No big deal, unless V-Vocal is needed.

All the 64bit plug-ins including R-Mix may be installed using the advanced install option without installing the DAW core. Using advanced install for plug-ins only does not require re-installing CbB.

If V-Vocal is needed, a minimal installation along with whatever plug-ins would be required (video below). Doing this requires re-installing CbB to restore the shared components.



Running uninstall for 32bit SONAR does not affect 64bit installs but may affect your ability to open old projects.

Projects using 32bit plug-ins that have no 64bit version may load with the plug-ins missing.

If the 32bit VST plug-in is available, the DAW will load it in BitBridge. 32bit DX plug-ins cannot do this so go missing if there is no 64bit port.


The 32/64bit project port loop

  • Prep the project in a 32bit DAW with plug-ins that are known to have 64bit versions. Remove and replace all 32bit only DX plug-ins. 
  • Load the project in the 64bit DAW and verify,
  • Repeat



Now if it's an R-Mix replacements you are looking for.... that is something else entirely.

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