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At one place I lived, one roommate was a bass prodigy taking lessons from Art Davis (see info below).  A few times Art came over to the house both to teach and also for the occasional jazz improve (whoever the guy that came over and played sax was stellar as well!).  During this same time, I was working in the wonderfully snobby area of Newport Beach's Fashion Island area with the ritzy Four Seasons hotel right next door (this was where the President stayed when he was in town and Tiger Wood's last amateur victory took place across the street - right outside my office window - at the Big Canyon Country Club - near lots of $10 million homes with no backyards! LOL.).  Anyway, our company had its holiday dinner at the Four Seasons and who should I see when I walk in the main door?  Art playing along with a drummer and piano player just like the Oscar video above.  Man did they sound good!


Art Davis

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