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2 hours ago, Baiju.T said:

How to create ghost channel ?

The term “ghost channel” isn’t used in Cakewalk so you won’t find any reference to that in the documentation. However, I assume that you mean the possibility to see notes in MIDI tracks other than the one that is currently selected in the Piano Roll View (PRV).

If so, read up on working with multiple tracks in the Piano Roll View using the following link: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=EditingMIDI.10.html

And you should actually have created your own thread instead of using this one.

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23 hours ago, Victor Casagrande said:

estou tendo um problema com a página principal do programa, o" projeto básico "não aparecerá entre outras coisas."

Sem título.png

Google translation from Portuguese to English:  Hello, I'm having a problem with the program's main page, the "basic project" will not appear among other things. "

Please verify you have the project templates.  Cakewalk by BandLab project templates are stored inside the folder located at C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Project Templates

Verifique se você possui os modelos de projeto. Os modelos de projeto do Cakewalk by BandLab são armazenados dentro da pasta localizada em 😄 \ Cakewalk Content \ Cakewalk Core \ Project Templates

You access project templates by creating a new project.  Você acessa modelos de projeto criando um novo projeto.

New Project is the top selection in the Start Screen.   Novo projeto é a seleção superior na tela inicial.


Once the Start Screen is closed you create a new project by selecting "File" > "New ..."  Depois que a tela inicial é fechada, você cria um novo projeto, selecionando "Arquivo"> "Novo ..."

You may find the screen shots below helpful.   Você pode achar a captura de tela abaixo útil.



If you are missing one or more of the project templates you can download all of them at the link below:

Se estiver faltando um ou mais dos modelos de projeto, você poderá fazer o download de todos eles no link abaixo:

Cakewalk Project Templates.zip

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Added more instructions.

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Hi, Having a bit of trouble here. I've installed cakewalk, everything seems to work fine with the exception of the Now time line and transport indicators. Here's what I mean. When I click play or record, the now time marker (and transport display) count off a few seconds (usually 7 or so) then both the now marker and transport time counters stop, however it continues to record (or play), and all other indications seem to be fine. Channel strips show level movement. Once the transport is stopped, the mark and transport display go back to 0:00:00. 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled cakewalk, to no avail.

If someone has the same issue and found a fix please let me know.



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I am not sure where to post this question... but it’s about editing within the program.   The Wav files that I have don't stop at the end of the song, but keep on going.  How would I find an answer to that question as to how to put in some sort of stop function that can apply to all of tracks.  Is there a global option?

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