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Neil Cummins

A Couple Of Windows 10 Questions

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Hi Forum,

                      Not sure if this is the correct part of the forum for this genre of question,but hoping I could sneak them in...

Q1. A recent large update to Windows has characteristically reverted some optimised Windows DAW settings back to default values.There are some good linked articles from eg PreSonus and FocusRite which I've used to try and eke a bit more performance from a relatively old and slow PC for CbB and other applications such as TRacks.Is there any source(s) of information on Windows 10 DAW optimisation available out in the wild that are considered to be the final,definitive word on this topic? Q2 in a similar vein..

Q2. Within Windows services,I've disabled as many of the more obvious services that normally are associated with running Windows as general-purpose OS for browsing and entertainment purposes,again to try and squeeze some more CPU time and less RAM usage from a fairly limited machine.Are there any more esoteric services that can be safely taken out using Services>Properties>Disable,without compromising safe running?

I've followed all the advice on improving Audio Performance stated in the current CbB User Guide.

Any comments very welcome.




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