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Colin Nicholls

DocumentationError: Unfocused Track Text is mis-named

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I think this is more a case of the color attribute being mis-named. (The color I wanted to change is located elsewhere in three or four separate attributes for MIDI, Synth, Audio, Bus, Folder tracks).

Rather than "Unfocused Track Text", this attribute should be named differently - and perhaps "Global Color #10" is appropriate 🙂

Original Post:


The "Unfocused Track Text" color (IDR_CLR_GLOBAL_10) does not change the actual unfocused track text. Instead, it changes the Help Module Text, Track View Time display, and others:


I've reported this as a bug.

Edited by Colin Nicholls
Found the unfocused track text color attribute elsewhere; this one is misnamed but otherwise probably working as designed.
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