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Basic Theme edit question



I am new to the theme editor so apologies for such a basic question.
Theme: Mercury
Area: Track Inspector
To make it easier for me to see I am trying to change the text color from blue to white. 
Could someone please point me in the right direction?




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Colin Nicholls generously compiled and maintains a a guide to theme editing.  

I am not sure if the Inspector's text color is editable, but if it is, it should be in this guide.

  • I didn't double check it, but check out:
    • 6.  Inspector 
      • Global / Horizontal Sliders
        • Property value text and sliders

BTW: My eyes don't do well with white/shades of grey on top of grey/shades of black, so I look for other colors that work better for my eyes.  Sometimes yellow or light green works for me, but everyone's eyes are different.

UPDATE: I looked and on my setup I found it in the Theme Editor under Theme > Global > Horizontal Sliders.  I tried D9F978 which is yellowish green (or maybe greenish yellow).  Works for me.


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to add an update after finding the theme editor parameter in question
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