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The Talos Principle (game) $4.49 on Steam

Starship Krupa

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1 hour ago, cclarry said:

This is a GREAT GAME!  Don't pass on it!

PS...I'm not a game person...but this one was right up my ally!
Played it a few years ago and couldn't stop playing it!

I'm not into the mainstream first-person shooters and environment builders where you go around acquiring things. I like pretty graphics, exploration and puzzle-solving, the sort of thing that MYST pioneered. If it has a cool story, so much the better, but Pneuma doesn't and I liked it well enough. BTW, with Pneuma, the narrator is incredibly annoying, and gives no useful information, so it's okay to mute him.

Although I played Quake back in the day, I've lost my taste for first-person shooters.

Look into the other games I mentioned. Portal and Portal 2, The Turing Test, Lightmatter, and Pneuma. They all seem to be descendants of Portal. The jump platforms, cubes, etc.

Lightmatter is kind of if The Talos Principle were only the light beam puzzles. It was my first taste of this style of game.

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