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Effects rack automation


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Absolutely. Just activate the Automation write and see if the Bypass toggle has a red box. It should be by default.  You're ready to automate. 

If it doesn't then right click the effect in the rack which opens this 


Click on the Write Enabled Parameters


And the Bypass should now be highlighted


The easy part of automation is just turn it on for the track and go exploring. Anything that can be automated will be highlighted in red. And once you have made any moves at all,  an automation lane will be created. Open the automation lane and there you can manually enter as needed. No need to play the track in real time.

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I'm not sure what you are after?     Bypass is essentially just that, an on/ off switch. This is why plug ins don't have on/ off switches, they would be redundant.   

What exactly are you trying to do and with which plug ins? Mabey that would shed some light on your question. 


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