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Use emoji in plug-in Browser and Arranger 😊

Starship Krupa

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Ever wanted to have some kind of graphical indication of which plug-ins do what, or which ones you especially like? Or however you'd like to visually categorize them?

Most areas of Cakewalk allow entering emoji via the Windows method of holding the Win key and then the period key. Unfortunately, few of them display the actual emoji, instead replacing them with boxes.

There are at least two exceptions to this.

First is the Browser, specifically plug-ins:


See my cute "bus" emoji for FX that are oriented toward buses? And the "fire" emoji for one I especially like?

It works in Arranger, too:


Thanks to @Lord Tim for piquing my curiosity about this. I haven't checked everywhere, just a couple of ones I had a hunch about, so if you find more places where it works, please post them here.

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