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Instrument (.ins) file needed for Roland XV-2020


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I need an instrument definition file for a Roland XV-2020.  I've looked on lilchips but the other possibility thrown up by Google (www.cakewalknet.com) doesn't seem to exist anymore.  Can anyone help me out?  Yes, I know it's an ancient piece of kit, but I've made a present of it to my hubby and I can't find my original file and I've changed PC twice since I last needed it.

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I don't have that synth, but I see it is listed in Roland's Patch Script Builder.


Welcome to the Roland Patch Script Builder. We currently offer patch script files for Cakewalk, Sonar, Cubase (Mac and PC), Digital Performer (Mac OS X) and ProTools (Mac OS X).

A patch script, or patch list, is the bridge that integrates your external MIDI keyboards and sound modules with your sequencing software. Without this list, there is no way for the software to know which sounds reside in your gear. A patch script is a listing of all the sounds with their MIDI addresses programmed in the format that the software requires.


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