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Channel Tools - saving / deleting presets?


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Hi there,
The Channel Tools plugin - the one in the attached picture,
has got me a bit confused about saving and deleting presets in the drop-down preset menu.
Apparently it's possible, because I have one from long past in there, but I can't figure out how to Save a preset into the menu
and also be able to delete a preset from that menu.

Any thought would be appreciated. Possibly the location of those saved presets might be the way?




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Channels tools relies on the CbB preset manager in the VST standard header.

It is documented here http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.28.html

CbB preset manager stores plug-in presets in the registry.

In addition to managing presets through the VST standard header, the Cakewalk plug-in manager has a manage button next to the import and export buttons.

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Thanks scook,

Does it matter that I'm using the plugin with Sonar Platinum - (pre new piano roll) ?

When I click the Save button a new window opens wanting me to save it to my PC.
I can't find a way to save into the preset menu.

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Yea, that save to PC option is  under the VST2 drop down menu. I was using that because clicking the Save Icon doesn't work correctly.

An other thing, - when hitting save when a non-factory preset is loaded, it only gives me the option to over write the existing,
seemingly no way to rename it.
Must be something odd with my install.

I did test saving and reloading a file on my PC and that works so I'll just make a folder to hold my prests.

Thanks ... let's call he work around the SOLVED.

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The VST2/3 drop down to the right of "C" reads and writes standard VST2/3 presets and banks from disk.

To name or rename a preset works the same in the CbB preset mananger:

  • type the name in "A"
  • click the save button "C"

Rename has the extra steps of reloading the old preset and deleting it with button "D." 



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