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Option for selecting oauth browser

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In my PC I have configured Firefox as the default browser. When I launch CbB it tries to log in (oauth) and fails with

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at localhost:4342

If I change the system default browser to Edge and re-launch CbB it works ok

It is a pain that whenever I want to use CbB I need to start tweaking with the system settings and then change them back. Is there a configuration option in CbB for selecting which browser it will use for oauth (instead of the system default)?

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No, CbB will always use the default system browser, but FWIW I've got Firefox set as my default browser and BandLab login in CbB via Firefox is working fine for me on several machines.

Check Firefox is up-to-date, and also check your security settings within Firefox.  I'm using the Firefox default settings for security.


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