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Syntronik 2 Group Buy Install

Justin Broad

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Last year I took park it the IK Syntronik 2 Group buy and managed to get all 33 synth. I was low on disk space at the time so I just downloaded all the synths to an external drive to install at a later date. Now I have come to install them and I find half of the downloads are corrupted (nothing else on the disk is corrupted). So I reluctantly paid IK $10 so I could download them again. This time I will use IK Product manager to install them, but I don't know what to install. I have 23 Syntronik 2 synths, and 33 Syntronic synths. I was expecting see 23 Syntronik 2 synths and 10 Syntronik synths. Do I just install the 23 Syntronik 2 ones and 10 of the Syntronik ones  that I dont see in the Syntronik 2 list? 

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Since I already had Syntronik 1 installed, my approach was a bit different. I combined all of my Syntronik synths into my "Syntronik 2" folder. So with all 34 synths in there working in Syntronik 2,  I uninstalled Syntronik 1 to reduce clutter. The synths and presets all work in Syntronik 2, and the presets from v1 (legacy)  & v2 can be filtered in the browser. Note: the only limitation is that the v1 presets will not open up in the new v2 "Edit" screen, but all of the legacy views still work.

This is a directory list of my Instruments folder:

  1. 53_Syntronik Pro-V
  2. 53__Syntronik 99
  3. 53__Syntronik Blau
  4. 53__Syntronik Bully
  5. 53__Syntronik DCO-X
  6. 53__Syntronik Galaxy
  7. 53__Syntronik Harpy 260
  8. 53__Syntronik J-60
  9. 53__Syntronik J-8
  10. 53__Syntronik M-Poly
  11. 53__Syntronik Memory-V
  12. 53__Syntronik Minimod
  13. 53__Syntronik Modulum
  14. 53__Syntronik Noir
  15. 53__Syntronik OXa
  16. 53__Syntronik Polymorph
  17. 53__Syntronik Pro-V
  18. 53__Syntronik SAM
  19. 53__Syntronik SH-V
  20. 53__Syntronik String Box
  21. 53__Syntronik T-03
  22. 53__Syntronik V-80
  23. 53__Syntronik VCF3
  24. Syntronik CATO
  25. Syntronik GS-V
  26. Syntronik KW-8000
  27. Syntronik M-12
  28. Syntronik Megawave
  29. Syntronik Obie One
  30. Syntronik OSC-V
  31. Syntronik Pro-VS
  32. Syntronik Sorcerer
  33. Syntronik Syner-V
  34. Syntronik Triptych
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Its been a while since I dealt with Syntronik 2 issues, but the SYN2 versions include some presets designed specifically for Syntronik 2.  Do you want those new presets? Personally, I like a number of them over the older presets.

Another factor to consider: The older Syntronik presets can be used and tweaked with the older front panel hardware-style UI in Syntronik 2, but not with the snazzy, new Syntronik 2 Edit Panel

As for deleting Syntronik and just using Syntronik 2, there are several reasons to keep both.  Two that I remember: (1) Some say that the older presets in Syntronik 2 can sound a bit different than when played with Syntronik.  (2) Also, the IDs for the plug-ins are different.

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