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How many old versions of Sonar should I install? Hard Drive Crashed


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Hi all,

I recently had a hard drive crash and had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and everything else (Might upgrade to Windows 11 while I'm putting things back together.)

Anyway, typically I have had all the versions of Sonar installed that I own on this computer I'm working on. (X1 through the last update of SPlat in Command Center.) Can all any of you seasoned users tell me if this is necessary? I'm wondering if there are some VST's or Virtual Instruments or library sounds from the older versions X1-X3 (I think I have had the 'Producer' version of each of them) that I would lose by not installing X1-X3. 

I'm not too worried about older versions of Sonar for older projects or loops, and I am already installing all my third party instruments and effects...I'm mostly just wondering if anyone knows if I'll be missing any 'stock' instruments or effects that didn't carry over from previous versions?

Thanks for your help,


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