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VSAlarm This is our biggest limited-time free offer so far. Bakers Dozen Lo-Fi Bundle by New Nation.


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For anyone who may be interested in New Nations offerings, this free collection also comes with a $25 gift card in the "Bonus" download file. The text file states that the minimum cart value must be $25 to apply the coupon -- I was able to add the coupon with a lower total, but I didn't try checking out in that state.

The free bundle is made largely of construction kits (20 total), drum kits (20 with hits, loops and MIDI) and MIDI (chords and melodies), with bonus generically-named "drums" and "instruments" VSTIs that I haven't tried out. (Samplers from their range of VSTIs, perhaps?)

With the $25 code, it's possible to additionally get one of their "ultimate MIDI" packs for free, or one or two sample packs/VSTIs in some combination for $1 or less, depending on your interests. Or, obviously, $25 off something pricier. The NN store includes a few products from other developers (Infinit, Pyrit, Double Bang, possibly others), which appear to be eligible under the code, as well.

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Other bundles on sale also include $25 discount codes as bonuses


(you need to scroll down in the details to find out what has $25 discount codes and what doesn't)

Although it doesn't look like purchases can be chained, I'm getting "Discount cannot be applied to one or more products in your cart"


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seems discount code $25 cant be applied to bundles, when checking out other items it says cart must be at least $1 even that bonus gift card says must be $25, so pretty dodgy checkout system

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