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Is this a different singer, or are you adjusting your delivery? Anyway, nice song with a nice melody hook. The harmonica is a nice touch. I listened on headphones, and maybe found the upper mids on the vocal and the harmonica poking through just a bit sharply in the mix. It's a good mix in the main. My headphones were at a healthy volume, as it happens. What do you get when you listen to it with loudish headphones, do you notice any stridency? Just a thought, might be my hearing and my head.


good tune, feels like this would go over well at some outdoor festival where they are all sitting on blankets and in lawn chairs on a sunny hillside. Nice and mellow.

Can't escape a Bob Dylan reference here, but at least I saved it for the last paragraph. :)




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Hello Cakewalk peeps! I have followed your suggestions they were very accurate what was left to edit in this song. The song before was very raw and in some ways that adds a sort of human touch but it also can be grating on the ears. 

I have added a lot of new edits. The first thing I did was manually adjusted the loudness of each syllable of the lead vocal and harmonica in Melodyne Studio. Thanks for the suggestion EmeraldSoul. Then, I added compression to the bass, the main song loop with guitars/mandolin and compression on the drums the last mix was a work in progress. This allowed the vocals to obtain a constant volume level above the mix. I also added Izotope Nectar to the vocals and used the auto settings then changed the EQ and compression to taste.

I added more stereo width to the upper bass frequency range, the guitar/mandolin loop , harmonica and the lead vocal and I took some width away from the organ, cello, piano, and pad (they were so wide they were out of phase.)

Then I added True Iron to the harmonica, guitar/mandolin song loop, lead vocal and the overall mix.

Then I adjusted the mix to balance the bass, drum and vocals more precisely.

Adding the light compression to the bass guitar and drums helped a lot.

I mastered the overall song level with Fab Filter L2.

Reverb on the vocal and harmonica is the BReverb "hall" I just can't seem to find a better reverb as good as that one right out of the box. I lowered the mix amount just a bit. I think it is a beautiful reverb with an unmatched character.

FYI, the bass guitar is the Dimension Pro Real Basses Dull Fingered 2 prog.

The pad is the Dimension Pro pad named "As Quiet As Possible".

Dimension Pro Cello is the fortissimo expressive.

Thanks for your helpful and very nice comments Cakewalk peeps!

I was aiming for a Dylanesque/Eric Anderson sound. I sort of threw my voice into a method and channeled the sound.

I would love to play this live on a hillside, great imagery and what a dream that would be! 

Many thanks for the listens and big love!

This should sound better when played loud in the headphones.

Critiques are welcome no matter how picky or minute.

This song was recorded @96khz 24 bit then mixed down to a 320kbps mp3 dithering pow-r 3 for ReverbNation.








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Thank you Lynn, BertGuy, EmeraldSoul, AMiller, GaryBrun your comments are really nice and especially meaningful coming from Cakewalk veterans as yourselves!

Yes Gary, a bit of Willie there too and thanks Lynn for your gracious comment, the harmonica I started to play when I was about 5. I am not sure that I am very good at it but I can make it do the trick. 

Thanks for the comment about my singing Bert, I have never had anyone compliment my vocal expression in such a thoughtful way.

Emerald, your suggestions were very helpful and pointed me in the right direction and gave me the incentive to take the song to the next level.

AMiller, true, some of us are still making songs like they used to. 






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I think I commented on the "vintage" sound of one of your previous songs and this one also has that nice 50s or 60s feel to it. You know, back when music was good. Interesting that you manually adjusted the levels of each voc syllable - hey I'm not the only one :-). Enjoyed the song and have to say your singing is ready for prime time.

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Thanks Bjornpdx, I have to credit Cakewalk with the "vintage sound" the 96khz quality with which Cakewalk records in is pristine and full of great dimension that helps recordings accompany other tracks.

I used to record with 48khz but found a lot of artifacts when adding effects and editing with Melodyne. It is nice to know that other people take the time on their syllables too to give them the right fit in the music. I think it is really necessary to have a finished product. Having an Intel I9 12 core hyper threaded (24 core) processor does not hurt.

Thanks for the comment on my vocals, I suppose I make music for the express purpose of giving my vocals a nice home to live in. It good that some feel this effort has not been spent in vain. :)  

Again, thanks to you all for your comments!

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Good tune Rex. I must have heard the remixed/fixed version because it sounds good to me as is!! I thought the harmonica was a good addition. Helped create a folky vibe. : )

The vocals sounded good, fit right in with the song. And to me they stood out well. Didn't have a problem hearing them. Which means they are out front! In a good way.

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