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How do I view the Community Guidelines?

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Cover photo or Avatar image blocking:

Some member's cover photos  or avatars I find irritating and distracting - especially animated gifs.  Can animated images be band please?  This does not work in account setting:

"Ignored Users.  Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing.   Add new user to ignore list.  Enter a member's name to set ignore options."

A message stated I could not block that member.

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as well meaning as the rules are, like most social media (and do not mistake it - forums are social media) the definitions are purposely vague to allow moderators flexibility (i'm one of the John Sayer BB moderators so i appreciate the work people have to do) but it does allow for incorrect application of a moderator intervention. for example "do not post fake or false information" - as determined by who? we should remember the impact of Facebook, Google Search, Amazon hosting etc on their moderator actions being extreme when, with a little research on places where it's not banned, we find experienced scientists, medical professional etc disagreeing with the government lines re: COVID safety, origination, lockdown effectiveness, government abuses leading to mass deaths in nursing homes, etc are being suppressed for political or other nefarious reasons. this is bad bad bad. 

so, in short, hopefully the moderation taking place here will be moderate and based on fact and not fear, or political bias etc. then again, if you or your family are threatened by the powers-that-be, sometimes there is little a moderator can due if a large organization decides to trash your life or business online.

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