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My Year End Gifts to Myself (kind of big deal around here)

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I broke down and bought the 2 extra HRK ST552 Tape Emu's for my Warm Audio Bus Comp and a Fatso for my Heritage Audio Successor.

My hybrid final mix chain will be:

Vocal Bus -> ST552s -> TK Audio Bus Comp
Drums Bus (shells only) -> Fatso -> Heritage Audio Successor
Bas Buss -> ST552s -> Warm Audio Bus Comp
Master Bus -> ST552s -> Serpent Bus Comp

I'll be using Studio One's Pipeline XT to handle the hardware integration into the premaster mix.





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Next year sell all of that 500 stuff and get the proper 19'' rack units for better headroom and transients 🤣👍

Congrats nevertheless 😊!

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