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Bapu v4.5.2 released


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On 7/19/2019 at 12:11 PM, S.L.I.P. said:

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a feature, but  I have not been able to make any Mad Beatz with Bapu v4.5.2.  So far I've only been able to make some very angry ones.  Please help! Here's a list of my equipment:

IBM Electronic Data Processing Machine type 704

NAS Origin 2000 Computer System, a 512 processor

512 MB Ram

Logitech Mouse

Lava Lamp


you dinnit say but I sus you are using a Turtle Beach soundcard.


that would make CJ angry at least

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2 hours ago, InstrEd said:

When is 4.5.3 hot fix coming out.   I'm having problems with the cut-off. I think they went to far and Captured Bapu's Farts   😆


51 minutes ago, Bapu said:

Smells Like Teen Spirit?


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5 hours ago, bayoubill said:

I have stated I was unappreciated in another fred but I haven't said why. 


My masterpiece  


Well, it starts out ok, but what the heck is all that stuff in the middle that's not more becan??! 😲

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1 hour ago, InstrEd said:

Question , how did you form the Bacon Shell 😃

by staring at this


Then bending it in half. Then realizing I used all the Becan for the shell then stuffing it with stuff on the floor. Yellow and green stuff with some red stuff thrown in

Edited by bayoubill
My cat refuses to play poker with me cuz she's far sighted and says I Am a cheetah
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