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Add please 768 kHz support


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On 12/22/2022 at 8:58 PM, arthur killen said:

Then, I was exposed to audiophile setups and DSD. It was a bit of an ego hit, realizing that those systems were exposing aspects of my recordings that weren't audible with my studio monitors, headphones, and audio interfaces. Stuff like soundstage and imaging, which I always thought was snake oil, turned out to be real.

I don't think people here joke about soundstage or audio imaging. And there was no claims audiophile equipment produce the same sound as studio monitors. But there is significant difference in opinions from where all that comes and what it really is... In other words, are DSD/768kHz/etc. really the "keys" to that "great audiophile sound"?

Listening some recordings with studio monitors is way less fun then listening them on $100 HiFi player. My 20 years old €40 Yamaha computer speakers with "virtual surround" button pressed produce crazy soundstage, even when they stay near each other. But I don't think based on that someone consider using HiFi player for mixing own songs or computer speakers to check soundstage 😏


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