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Hide The Now Time Slider Bar!


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If for some reason you've ever wanted to remove the Transport Now Time Slider Bar, stay tuned...

The Slider Bar is the 126x4 blue line that moves across the Transport Module during Playback or Record.

This 20x18 PNG: 1470584947_ControlBar.Modules.Transport.NowSlider.png.767ed0776946006ae5f5afa88e150f63.png sits over the Bar and moves with it. There's a moment at either end when the PNG is stationary while the Bar moves under it.

To see the entire Bar, repaint the PNG 100% transparent. Or resize it to 2 px wide so it follows the Bar start to end.

To make the Bar go away, resize the PNG to 129x18 and paint to match the Transport Module's background. It becomes a mask.

Change it's color:
The Bar's color is set by the Control Bar Value text color (Track view | Unfocused Track Text). To give it a unique color, paint the 129x18 PNG a different color and make it transparent by desired % so the 2 colors mix. 3D affect is also possible with transparency.


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