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Please help! Interface UR22 MKII Issue

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Hey guys, 

I'm hoping someone can help me here. Just bought myself a Steinberg UR22 Mkii interface and I'm having an issue with Cakewalk only showing 1 channel available, which doesn't even let me record in stereo. Its meant to be a 2x2 USB channel interface. So far its only allowing me to record one channel in mono. Both inputs work BUT only in mono. It plays back in stereo so as far as I can tell its working fine. I'm assuming it has something to do with cakewalk not recognising the channel as stereo?? It gives me the options to choose left, right and stereo but again, only recording the left channel regardless. All new drivers installed and had a firmware update also. 

I'm running windows 7 (will upgrade to 10 this weekend most likely) 

 Has anybody encountered this before?

Thanks guys.

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AFAIK most interfaces show up as stereo pairs using the odd numbered channel in the name so an interface with two inputs would have something like

  • Left Steinberg UR22 Mic/Inst 1 - this is channel one of the interface
  • Right Steinberg UR22 Mic/Inst 1 - this is channel two of the interface
  • Stereo Steinberg UR22 Mic/Inst 1 - this is both channels of the interface

In addition to selecting the input(s) make sure the track interleave is set as needed. Depending on the theme the interleave may not appear the same as the image in documentation. The interleave button is just above the "E" in this image


It is in the track strips of the Track and Console views too.

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Thanks for the response. You are 100% correct with the naming of the channels. My issue is that for some reason when I do select the stereo channel, I only get sound through the left. I definitely have interleave on stereo :) I thought of that too.

The other concern I have is that if I have something else plugged into the second input, I don't see the option on Cakewalk to choose the second input channel.

Tonight I'll be trying it on a different daw to see how it shows up there and report back. Thanks mate!

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I always record a left and right mono, when recording things like synths, because I like to add slightly different effects settings between the two channels, usually delay, as it fills out the sound nicely.

But yes - you have it correctly worked out now - one of my interfaces is the same as yours, and it indeed works that way, as do most audio interfaces with a left and right input. (actually every single one I have ever encountered).

It is a good interface, quietly doing its thing.  You will like it. :)

Bob Bone


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