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Looking for Cakewalk mono delay/echo plugin


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If you created a single sign-on account on the old Cakewalk website between 2014-2017

  • Pull the X2 installers from your old cakewalk account https://www.cakewalk.com/My-Account/Products
  • Run an advanced install of X2, select the plug-ins to install.
  • If you decide to install all of X2, make sure to update X2 to X2a and uninstall/reinstall CbB after the X2/2a install.

Keep in mind, the CW Reverb mono is not part of the standard 64bit install. Based on this, my guess is the plug-in 32bit DX format so requires a 32bit DAW. IOW, the plug-in will not work in CbB.


If you need help with password reset on the old account, contact support@cakewalk.com

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I did own the X2 version and had it installed on my old PC, on which I later installed X3. Now I have X3 on my new PC and I need to add the old mono delay to it as I have on my old PC with X3 now. Evidently, the X2 DVD I tried to get the plugin from has to be damaged as it will no longer install. If I can download it, I do have the codes for it.

EDIT: Thank you again scook, but my X2 disc did install after all. I cleaned it and there it was, the Cakewalk mono/echo delay. I unchecked everything else from the installation and all's perfect.

However. Now another issue developed. X3 refuses to scan/recognize Auto-Tune Evo in the vst folder. What Happened?

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On 12/13/2022 at 3:59 PM, KennyP said:

X3 refuses to scan/recognize Auto-Tune Evo in the vst folder. What Happened?

There's no reason to be running SONAR X3 these days.

Install Cakewalk by BandLab. Leave SONAR X3 in place. You'll be running a much better DAW and have access to all of the FX and instruments that came with X3.

If Auto Tune Evo still doesn't work, Cakewalk is currently supported. You can get help here on the forum and from BandLab's support staff.

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