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How to get back to initial vsti preset state at beginning of song

Aslak Bjerkvik

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 I open a preset in a vsti (Arturia Matrix-12 V in this case) which is on an instrument track.

 I record som chords and automation of vsti-parameters using the Arturia Keylab controller.

 After the recording, the parameters of the instruments (cutoff, resonance etc.) are at a different state than in the original preset.

How can I reset the instrument-parameters  back to the original preset without reopening the preset from within the vsti? Is it possible to take a snapshot of all the parameters of the vsti at the beginning of the song?



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2 hours ago, Aslak Bjerkvik said:

Well, I recorded MIDI CC changes using the pots on the Arturia controller.  Converting MIDI CC to automation lanes seems to be a solution, but I can't find out if it's still possible. Can't find this dialog:


Is it still available?

I never used this feature, but I looked it up in the index to the Cakewalk by Bandlab online Documentation because I was interested in learning about this.  Here's the link I found.  If this page doesn't help, maybe someone else can explain it.

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