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Kontak 7, no sound from notes inserted on staff view


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If I insert Kontakt 7 and add a note to the staff view, that note is silent on playback even though the meter on the MIDI track registers a sound. If I insert Kontakt 6, with the same instrument ("25"), notes on the staff view play just fine. If I go to the Kontakt 7 synth rack, I can click on samples, and they play, with the meter on the synth track registering. I can insert both versions of Kontakt into a project, and Kontakt 6 notes play but Kontakt 7 notes don't. I've tried every conceivable, to me, routing option, and nothing helps. I see other people on these boards apparently using it, so I know it should work.

If I'm being willfully stupid, don't hesitate to say so.

Thank you for any insight!

Jeffrey Pike

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