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  1. OK, yeah, that was it, I just had the notes recorded on the wrong track. Now it's working. Thank you for showing me how to think about it so I could solve it. Jeffrey Pike
  2. In order to refer to projects less awkwardly, I will specify that the project where the notes don't appear on the Staff View is called BASS, and the one where they do appear is called STATELY. With regard to BASS, I was wrong to say that there are notes on the MIDI track. They are on the audio track. In STATELY, they are on the MIDI track. I'm sure that explains the notes not displaying in BASS. I assume my mistake was in arming the wrong track when I recorded the parts. The Keylab represents my first experience running an external controller with CbB, and I'm still sorting out getting the routing correct. To this point, I always only used VSTs and composed from the Staff View on the MIDI track. On BASS, if I try to drag the notes from the audio to the MIDI track, that conversion does not work, so I assume I will need to re-record those parts onto the MIDI track rather than the audio. I have included a couple of screen shots from the Track View that shows the routing in both projects to aid in visualization. Thank you for sticking with me as I work through this. Jeffrey Pike
  3. Hey, I'm sorry it took so long to reply. I just got busy with other stuff. Thank you for replying. I have to revise my original post, because, in fact, I do have both an Analog Lab 5 synth and the Stage-73 synth in the new song, and for neither of them do I see notes in the staff view. There are notes in the MIDI track for both of them. Jeffrey Pike
  4. I have two songs with tracks I recorded from my Keylab Essential. The first one uses Analog Lab 5 and the second one uses the Stage-73 electric piano module. The one recorded with Analog Lab shows the notes I played in the staff view. The one recorded with Stage-73 doesn't. Any suggestions why or what to look at? Thank you, Jeffrey Pike
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