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Synthmaster Player FREE (again) from Oct 24th to 31st


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2 hours ago, User 905133 said:

If you have the player, there's an upgrade at audiodeluxe to update to the Everything Bundle. Not sure if this is an exclusive, if others have similar or greater discounts, etc.


  • Upgrade for owners of SynthMaster Player.
  • Use code HOLIDAY22 and get up to 15% extra off.
  • Countdown timer says good for 13 more days.
    •   So you have time to decide if this upgrade for you.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with audiodeluxe or KV331, I have no path to gain any income or perks from anyone clicking on the link above and/or getting the upgrade.  I do have the Everything Bundle, think highly of it, and paid more for my combined purchases of the various Synthmaster products that led me to get the Everything Bundle.

Other upgrade options based on prior purchases of other KV331 products are also available from KV331 and probably other third-party vendors.  If interested in crossgrading/upgrading, check your favorite vendors for rewards/perks

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(2) edits after seeing the deals at other vendors; (1) added KV331 site link; fixed typos
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Thanks, got synthmaster player and picked up this months plugin boutique free special, the MbReverb thingy or whatever it is for $5.00. ($8.00 aud) for both. It's still only $5.00 for November.

Also, for those interested in the full Synthmaster, it is $53.00 at PB, down from $113.00.

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