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Is This A Dream

Riff Richards

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Yep I know this is  cheating ( using loops created by others )

Sometimes have to have a break from playing  guitars though.

Bandlab loops & one shots.  EDIT>>>>>> I should credit the girl who made the loops & one shots I used her name is "I am A Snow Angel"


Edited by Riff Richards
Put in credit for loops I used for the track
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Appreciate all the replies good peoples thanks 🤘

It is short but most every track I make on bandlab is short because I just use mobile phone tethered to my laptop for internet & if I start getting up over 8mb when using bandlab mix editor I just get the spinning wheel of doom where it will not save the track. I have mentioned to bl on numerous occasions about the problem & I know a lot of others with fast internet speeds have the same issue. But it is a free site so can't carry on about it, lot's of good as well.

This is the girl I picked up the loop packs from, she has a lot of great stuff >>>>>>>>>>  Julie Kathryn https://www.iamsnowangel.com/iasa

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