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Earthquake in California...

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5 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:
13 hours ago, TheSteven said:

Reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw:
Welcome to California!
Now go home - and take a friend.

Well, although I am a native Californian, I don't care for such sentiments.

I don't support xenophobic philosophies and I'm not saying that you're accusing me of such.
Just thought the bumper sticker was humorous.

So hey, will the last person boarding this submarine please close the screen door behind them?

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, TheSteven said:

I'm not saying that you're accusing me of such

Of course I wasn't, I knew you weren't.❤️👊

Please excuse the ranting of a NAIVE Californian. 😊

We get so easily triggered, y'know, oh my GAWD, my therapist says I need to set like, boundaries, y'know? And I'm like, that's so not easy for me, because y'know, my family of origin, nobody ever had any at all. So I've had to like, learn to make amends when I encroach on someone else's, y'know, and that so doesn't come naturally, my parents were too busy trying to catch the perfect wave or riding their mountain bikes to like, teach us anything about boundaries  or making amends. 😉

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On 7/4/2019 at 1:38 PM, craigb said:

I just watched my usual YouTube channel where the guy predicted the Cali earthquake (first 6+ in, what, ten years?).  Expect more coming.  Possibly in the Pacific Northwest (perhaps between Medford and Roseberg) and/or northern Cali (San Jose/San Francisco).  Then the flow of energy should head east towards Yellowstone, along the crayton edge down to Texas then up to Oklahoma and over to the east coast.

Just a quick update!  

First, (in blue above), some of these have occurred.  There was one near Yellowstone, Texas had a couple and there was even one in Ontario Canada (the farthest East point of the American Crayton).

Second, (in purple above), San Francisco had a small quake (only a 3.2).

Third, (in green above), this one just happened this morning (8am PDT).  A 5.4 about 120 miles off the coast right on the point of the Juan De Fuca plate that literally points between Medford and Roseberg.


Still think earthquakes can't be predicted?  The logic is actually very straightforward and easy to verify!

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